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Who We Are

OnSite-PT was developed to be much more than simply a place that people go when they are having pain or injuries. After years of working for a successful physical therapy company near Ohio University, I wanted to find a way to give patients an easier way to get the highest level treatment for their pain or injuries. After treating over 50,000 patients and going through extensive rehabilitation myself for multiple sports injuries, I’ve found that people value three major things when seeking a professional to help them overcome an injury or pain. These three things are:

  • A high level of focus & attention from the SAME professional every single session
  • The ability to access care for their problem in a convenient, simple, and easy way
  • The development of a trusting genuine relationship with their provider

Considering these factors, everything that I’ve done in building this practice was based on meeting these three needs for patients.

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  • B.A. Exercise Physiology @ Capital University
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy @ Ohio University
  • Orthopedic Residency @ Nxt-Gen Institute of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Atlanta
  • < 5% of physical therapists have completed an orthopedic residency

Certifications & Specialized Training

  • Certified in Trigger Point Release Dry Needling Therapy
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 @ 2
  • Functional Movement Systems Level 1 @ 2
  • Certified Astym Provider: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Certified in Dynamic Taping
  • Certified Mulligan Joint Mobilization Provider
  • Certified in Treatment of Upper and Lower Extremity Neuropathic Radicular Syndromes
  • Certified Mckenzie Low Back Pain Management

Eight Important Things We Do Differently at OnSite-PT

  1. Spend more time with patients.
    We have created a treatment model that allows us to give patients more attention & focus during each treatment session. Patient’s spend every session with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy that they begin their treatment program working with. There’s no time spent with assistants or technicians, every minute is spent with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  2. Mobile convenient treatment locations
    We work with patients in a variety of locations based on whatever is the easiest for the patient. This may include but not be limited to their gym/fitness facility, the patient’s home, their office or workplace, or even their country club. We make getting great care for your pain or injury a seamless part of your day, not something you have to go out of your way planning for. YES WE CAN COME PROVIDE A GREAT TREATMENT SESSION IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!
  3. Treat patients like friends or family…not a number.
    We are available to our patients 24/7. We send patient’s follow up emails after each treatment session demonstrating videos on exercises or stretches that we reviewed during our time together. It’s not uncommon for us to communicate regularly with our patients on days when we don’t have an appointment, checking up on how they’re doing and helping in whatever way we can. The relationship we develop with our patients, truly investing in their health and active lifestyle, is unlike any health professional relationship the patient will have had before.
  4. We can begin helping you without a Physician’s Referral.
    We specialize in being a first point of care for patients when suffering an injury or chronic pain issue. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained to assess the patients whole body, and can begin helping to fix their problem immediately. This makes it very easy for patients to begin feeling better, as they are not subjected to see numerous doctors, get extensive testing, and then ultimately end up being referred to Physical Therapy. Patients can be assured that if they have a more serious medical issue or finding, they will be referred to the appropriate medical provider (but this is very rare).
  5. We provide Clinical Personal Training.
    We offer personal training services for many of our patients after they conclude their physical therapy treatment program. This allows them to continue to get hands-on treatments as needed, but also maximize their health and fitness goals. With a doctoral level education, we can help our patient’s train their bodies in the most efficient way possible, so they see results faster.
  6. We Partner with Fitness Facilities & Country Clubs.
    We help fitness facilities, CrossFit gyms, and country clubs develop a program that includes on site rehabilitation and pain management treatment options for their members. By adding this service to the facility, it gives members the opportunity to conveniently get extraordinary treatment for their nagging pains or injuries in the comfort & convenience of their fitness facility. We develop a percentage based payment model with the facility, adding another stream of revenue to their business, and providing more traffic/memberships to the facility long term.
  7. We utilize an Out-Of-Network Payment Model.
    People always ask…Do you take my insurance? The first thing that patients must understand is that with our drastically changing healthcare system over the past 5 years, using your health insurance for this type of treatment is often NOT THE BEST OPTION. Co-payments, deductibles, and everything related to insurance is getting more expensive and the care provided by corporate physical therapy or big hospital systems is getting worse. We provide a number of payment models to meet the patient’s needs, so they can get the best available treatment that is based EXACTLY ON WHAT THEY NEED, rather than what the insurance company will pay for.
  8. Elite CrossFit & Athletic Performance Training.
    By examining athlete’s movement in an extremely in-depth way we can identify the exact tissues or dysfunction in the body leading to movement limitations. Movement limitations in athletes significantly increase injury risk, and place a ceiling on their athletic performance. Using a combination of movement re-training, sports science, and recovery technology founded in years of sports medicine research, we help high school or recreational athletes get treated like a professional athlete.

Five Things About the Owner Dr. James Yoder.

  1. Helping and serving other people is what drives me. The feeling of doing something positive to make someone else’s life better gives me more gratification and sense of achievement than anything else!
  2. I love spending time with family and friends. I’m a proud uncle (with several more nieces and nephews on the way!) and have a very large family dispersed throughout the northeast Ohio area. I somehow tricked a beautiful girl named Tayler to fall in love with me, and love spending as much time as possible with her! Even though she is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  3. I’ve completed an Orthopedic Residency program focused on hands-on manual therapy treatments (something less than 5% of physical therapists have attained). This gave me the opportunity to learn many skills more commonly seen in the chiropractic, massage therapy, and sports medicine fields to help patients in a variety of ways.
  4. I played College Basketball and attempt to stay active and healthy training at Kings Gym and Chagrin Falls CrossFit.
  5. I’ve had numerous injuries requiring physical therapy treatment including a right ankle surgery, back spasms, shoulder dislocation, and plantar fasciitis. Having these experiences has been very valuable to me helping to identify with patients at various stages in the rehabilitation process.