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If you are a parent with a young athlete that is relying on a basic physical to tell you whether or not you’re at risk for injury during your sports season there is MUCH MORE that needs to be examined. Click here to learn more, and go through the same movement assessment that college and professional athletes are utilizing in pre-season and in-season for injury prevention and optimization of athletic performance.

A simple high school physical basically tells you whether or not you have any disease processes or significant medical problems that may make playing a sport life-threatening. They do nothing to give the athlete an idea of what their risk of injury may be, or where potentially they could benefit from building strength or flexibility in a specific joint, body region, or muscle group to PERFORM BETTER during their sport activity. ACL injuries, muscle strains, back spasms, ankle sprains, or stress fractures are extremely common in high school athletes, and can end careers or ruin seasons. The good things is, these injuries can be avoided with proper prevention and movement assessment to diagnose the potential for these injuries long before they occur. If you are serious about your athletic career schedule a movement screen with us today!