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We develop strategic partnerships with various types of businesses and organizations to provide On-Site Physical Therapy/Pain Management services. By forming a customized relationship meeting the specific needs of our partnering facility, we help them grow their business, generate alternate revenue streams, and improve their patient/client/employee experience.

On Site Treatment & Physical Therapy Services offered at the Locations Below


Groups We Work With & How We Help Them

CrossFit Gyms/Fitness Facilities

We Help CrossFit Gyms/Fitness Facilities Do 4 Very Important Things

  1. Decrease the amount of injuries your clients/athletes suffer
  2. Get your clients/athletes faster results
  3. Make your facility more money
  4. Facilitate faster recovery from injuries/over-training


A multidisciplinary team based approach is essential for optimizing client/athlete outcomes. We don't know everything, and we love learning from personal trainers, CrossFit instructors, and strength/conditioning coaches. However, we find that many fitness facilities and gyms are losing opportunities to maximize the performance potential of their athletes/clients. Applying some basic treatments that we often use in the clinic and bringing them into the fitness/training realm is extremely effective.

There are many movement dysfunctions that simply need to be "treated out" first before the athlete or client can fully succeed with a strength, conditioning, and/or mobility program. For example, research has shown that trigger point dry needling has immediate benefits to muscle strength and force production. By releasing a trigger point or "taut band" of muscle fibers within a muscle group, you can quickly restore the optimal resting length of the musculotendinous unit. Essentially, you are immediately increasing the force producing potential of the muscle just by restoring its optimal position by releasing a trigger point. You could train that same muscle group and strengthen it for weeks or months, and not get the benefit you get with one quick dry needling session, because the muscle will not optimally contract until the trigger point is released. It's very common for us to find trigger points in musculature related to injuries that occurred years in the past. This is one of the secrets of professional athletes and why they recover so much faster than the rest of us—because they have access to treatment approaches that include multiple disciplines!

Once normal, optimal quality of movement is restored, your training programs will be much more successful. The client/athlete will be happier, and you as a coach will see faster gains with your programming. It's also extremely common for patients that have had episodes of pain or movement dysfunctions, to suffer those same issues in the future. The number one predictor of an injury, IS A PREVIOUS INJURY TO THAT TISSUE. We each have a specific MOVEMENT DNA that has been programmed through years of altered movement patterns, compensated movements due to previous injuries, and basic anatomical variation from person to person in how we are made. Because of this, it's very important to perform regular screening of movement and be pro-active in treating some of the problematic tissues and dysfunctional movement patterns.

You are leaving A LOT of money on the table with your business if you don't have a physical therapist on hand or someone licensed to treat injuries/pain. ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. No matter how great your facilities Injury Prevention Program is, clients/athletes are going to get injured. Injured clients will know and trust the Doctor of Physical Therapy working with your team, so they can perform their physical therapy treatments On-Site rather than searching out the services of another physical therapist. We will facilitate new client membership to your facility as we gain trust and build relationships with your team; recommending patients and ex-patients to become affiliated with your business. The personal trainers and coaches in the facility will have an understanding of what our physical therapists are looking for, and we can facilitate things that your team wants us to get across when we have your clients as patients. We have found this relationship to be very beneficial for the businesses we work with and most importantly for the clients/athletes to get a well-rounded treatment/training program.

We also outsource recovery technology to gyms and facilities that they can use as needed for a very low price. Combining cutting edge technology with hands on manual therapy treatments provides a great model for optimizing recovery after intense training. The outdated, traditional approach to recovery of rest, ice, general stretching, or hopping in a cold tub is not nearly as effective as our more pro-active approach to recovery. We allow you to RECOVER LIKE YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, combining research based technology and hands on treatments to quickly remove metabolic waste that builds up during training.

Legitimize your facility today and take it to another level becoming a more comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to exercise, fitness, wellness, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. Our relationship will provide a valuable source for new client onboarding and marketing for your facility. When a relationship is initially established, we profile your facility on our website, highlighting your specialized areas of training to market you to all our followers. Call for a free consultation so we can develop a customized relationship to give your facility the most value and take it to the next level!

Individual Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches

We are a great resource/partner to free-lance personal trainers or strength coaches, functioning as a referral source as we discharge patients from therapy and are looking for a trusted colleague to continue facilitating the plan of care we initially established. Personal trainers and strength coaches are LOSING MONEY when their clients/athletes suffer injuries or are limited due to pain. We can be a quickly accessible resource to help get these assets to your business out of the pain cycle and back participating in your training program as soon as possible. We also outsource our recovery technologies to personal trainers/coaches that may have an athlete or client with an important upcoming event/competition, allowing them to be at peak performance.

Running Groups

At OnSite-PT we recognize that running is a sport, and a skill that needs to be trained and developed. If you want to be a good runner, or you want to run regularly without being injured, it's imperative that you go through an extensive movement screening process and are performing regular maintenance activities as an adjunct to your training. It's a misconception that running is a great "full body workout." Although we really love running, and believe it's one of the best forms of exercise, nearly everyone that runs (unless they have had a lot of training from a movement specialist) overuses specific muscle groups and underuses other areas. For example, we often find that runners are quadriceps and hamstring dominant, while having underdeveloped gluteal and deep core musculature. Our model works great with running groups, because our focus on movement quality does a tremendous job of decreasing the amount of overuse injuries, as we correct compensatory patterns so patients load joints and use the right muscle groups optimally.

Access to our recovery technology is a huge benefit to this population, especially when prepping your body for a big race. By being pro-active in how you approach recovery, you can get more out of your training sessions, and decrease muscle soreness throughout your day without having to spend extensive time performing static stretching or foam rolling. Not only will this program improve your performance and decrease acute injury risk, it will elongate the length of your running career by decreasing the cumulative stresses your placing on your body. Stop relying on specially made running shoes, orthotics, compression sleeves, or braces to improve your performance. Although these adjuncts are occasionally necessary and beneficial, optimizing how you are using your body and moving will pay off much more in the short and long term.

Yoga/Pilates Studios

I have learned A LOT from some great Yoga and Pilates Instructors over the years. Our program fits in great with many of the concepts in these areas, and we often use many of the Yoga poses and Pilates exercises when rehabilitating patients after surgeries or injuries. I also believe that we can use our knowledge base to be a great adjunct to Yoga/Pilates activities, functioning as experts when clients or members occasionally develop pain syndromes or injuries. Immediate access to our Doctors of Physical Therapy On-Site provides another revenue stream for your business, and allows patients to get back to Yoga and Pilates activities as soon as possible.

We can also help clients who are having difficulty expressing specific poses or positions due to lack of mobility, stability, or pain. Using our high level educational background in movement science to problem solve as to what tissues are limiting the patient, and treat these areas effectively to improve the clients' performance and overall experience. We have seen great results increasing memberships at yoga/pilates studios pro-actively providing value and benefit to prospective clients by doing monthly workshops or seminars on various topics relevant to the group. We also perform programs targeting specific niche markets, such as post-partum lumbosacral pain prevention seminars. Functions like these will serve to transform your yoga/pilates studio into a well-rounded, more versatile wellness facility.

Country Clubs

Many elite country clubs provide basically everything to their members, so essentially they could live at the club if they wanted too. This of course benefits the club, as the members spend extra dollars on ancillary activities aside from their normal membership fees. We have seen many country clubs that have massage therapists or coaches/trainers for specific sports. However, it's very rare to have a Doctoral level professional treating patients, and improving the quality of life for your members. Adding an expert in pain management and physical therapy to your staff, having this option for your members will provide a number of benefits to your club.

We have specialized training through the Titlest Performance Institute, a worldwide authority when it comes to injury prevention and performance optimization in golfers. Your swing coach may be able to tell you how to swing correctly, or provide drills to fix bad habits. But what if you are lacking the ROM in your spine or hips to optimally rotate your trunk during your backswing. Correcting some of these movement deficiencies by optimizing joint mobility and ROM can drastically increase distance off the tee box and precision when approaching the green, allowing for a more normal, smooth golf swing without movement compensations. Adding another amenity with On-Site Physical Therapy/Pain Management services for your members serves as a great revenue generator for your club, as well as setting you apart from other clubs in the area.

Apartment Complexes

We have found that many patients/clients are extremely busy and really like the benefit of being treated in their home atmosphere, or apartment gym facility. This makes the physical therapy or personal training experience very convenient for them, and we provide the client a discounted rate through the partnership we have developed with the apartment complex. This gives your facility an added selling point and amenity over competing complexes, and increases the customer experience significantly. We will also profile your facility on our website, and provide regular promotional/marketing advertisements via our social media accounts to help grow your business. There is no risk, only benefit to your customers and your business!

Corporate Offices

There are more jobs in our modern, technology based society involving computer/desk related work than ever before. As a result, we are seeing a significant increase in the amount of neck and low back pain patients related to prolonged sitting for hours every day. Our treatment approach is mobile, allowing us to conveniently set up a treatment table and all the equipment we need within your facility. We do not believe in the use of outdated exercise equipment, or arbitrary exercises to decrease muscle spasms or joint stiffness related to prolonged sitting. Our model is very flexible, allowing us to treat employees throughout the day in a side conference room, or after hours at the convenience of your employee. Avoid driving out of your way and adding to your already hectic day by squeezing in a trip to the physical therapist or chiropractor. We are experts in treatment of spine related conditions, and can perform hands on manual therapy treatments with minimal equipment, before you leave the office. We offer discounted rates for corporate partnerships, which functions as a great benefit to your employees. Save money on your bottom line by not having employees call off work due to increased chronic back/neck pain, or even worse having to pay into extremely high workers compensations bills if an employee has to have a surgery and misses a prolonged period of time from work. We often perform "Employee Appreciation Days," in which we set up at your corporate facility for the day and provide hands on pain/stress relieving manual therapy techniques. There is no risk from your end, just a great benefit to your employees that can save your business money in a number of ways!


If you don't add these benefits to your facility, yes you can still have a great, successful, awesome organization. But we guarantee that developing a unique partnership with our team will set you apart, and benefit your facility in a number of ways. We estimate that 3-5 years from now most facilities will have a partnership with a physical therapist or some type of licensed movement specialist. Be innovative and pro-active, creating a patient/client/employee experience that is unrivaled so that your members love being a part of your organization. There is no risk involved, so call us today for a free consultation and implementation action plan today!