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Athletic Performance Lab

We help athletes and active patients optimize their athletic potential in the most efficient and effective manner while greatly minimizing injury risk. By using cutting edge technology and research proven training techniques founded in nearly a decade of doctoral level education, we are able to elevate the ceiling of your athletic performance so you can run faster, destroy personal records in the gym, and dominate your competition.

Recover Optimally with the Marc Pro

After spending years working with some of the best athletes in the world including Olympic tri-athletes, professional athletes in all sports, and college athletes of all levels, we have developed an all-inclusive performance optimization approach combining aspects of physical therapy, strength and conditioning, neuroanatomy, kinesiology, chiropractic, and sports science training.

The information provided below details why an all-inclusive program with numerous healthcare professionals is crucial for serious and elite athletes. Our network of providers including strength & conditioning specialists, physical therapists, chiropractor, and sports specific coaching will provide everything you need at a much more affordable rate than traveling to numerous specialists in various locations.

Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapists Should Be the 1st Choice for Active Individuals

An Orthopedic/Sports Doctor of Physical Therapy has extensive education in anatomy & physiology, movement sciences, and pathology (so they can effectively treat and know when you have a serious injury). Secondly, they have the strength & conditioning/sport specificity training background to provide a program to optimize human movement safely better than any other health professional.


We will perform an exhaustive in-depth analysis of each athlete or patient’s movement to target exactly what needs to be addressed. This optimizes the individuals’ potential in whatever their sport specific goals may be. If you have movement restrictions or dysfunctions in your muscles, fascia, joints, no matter how hard you work out, your ceiling of athletic potential will not be as high until these limitations are normalized. Our program involves a multidisciplinary approach founded in research, sports science, orthopedic specialization, and extensive experience treating a wide range of Professional/Olympic athletes to individuals simply hoping to run a 5K.

How can performing a movement assessment prevent future injuries?

Most people have never had a full body movement assessment, and if you think this is what a “physical” at the doctor involves you couldn’t be more wrong. Extensive research has shown that there are predictors for various types of overuse and traumatic injuries that can be avoided by normalizing movement dysfunctions or compensations BEFORE the individual is having pain. Injury prevention and optimizing your athletic potential go hand in hand. By increasing your ability to move effectively without “short cutting” or compensating, you are able to produce more force and power when you move, throw, jump, sprint, ect. Being a good athlete doesn’t just happen, its dependent on your body’s ability to produce force quickly in various directions in a dynamic manner. These skills can be trained and maximized through improving movement deficiencies and targeting specifically weak movement patterns.

Major Components of our Program

Selective Functional Movement Assessment
This system allows us to look at basic movements at every joint in your body in a functional way to assess where the limitations in movement are occurring. We can then break down each movement and perform tests to see specifically what tissues are causing these limitations. Do you have a tight joint, limited flexibility in a muscle, or weakness/poor stability in a joint that is causing these altered movements. We MUST perform this step to know exactly what tissues need to be treated or targeted with the exercise/treatment prescriptions.
The Functional Movement Screen
Here we challenge the athletes’ movement patterns with more dynamic tests that emulate movements any active individual needs to excel in. This screen is currently used with professional athletes to determine whether they are safe to return to sport activities after an injury or surgery. You will be given a score based on performance of seven different tests, which will determine your movement abilities and risk of injury.
Technique on Relevant Weight Lifting Movements
The athlete’s technique with the most important weight lifting movements transferrable to their sport or activity will be exhaustively analyzed. This component of the program will ensure the athlete is performing the following weight lifting movements perfectly. If you can’t squat correctly without any weight, then you will not jump correctly or explode out of a defensive stance in sport with optimal force production. Many different coaches are teaching these foundational movements poorly. We don’t base our coaching strategy on “What feels right” or on how a coach without extensive education on anatomy and body movement may recommend. Our lifting techniques are coached based on in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and maximizing your ability to gain benefit from these activities while decreasing the risk of injury. Foundational weight lifting movements analyzed are listed below:
  • Squat
  • Dead Lift
  • Single Leg Dead Lift
  • Push Up
  • Push Press
  • Lunge
  • Power Clean
  • Pull Up
Sport Specific Dynamic Movement Training
This component of the model involves the performance of specifically selected drills or exercises that are transferrable to the athletes’ sport specific goals. This may involve drills tailored to emphasize running technique, increase quickness and change of direction on the court or field, or maximize skill development with what we call Contrast Drills. We have worked with professional athletes and physical therapists leading the strength and conditioning programs at high level division one college programs to develop these drills. These are not randomly selected activities. They will be customized to each individual after prioritizing what weaknesses we find in the previous three components of the program.
Video Analysis Software
We use this throughout these four assessment components to help educate the athlete and allow us to meticulously look at positions and movements in the most accurate way possible
The Athletic Recovery Center

Who Is This Program Made For?

  • Serious minded high school or college athletes
  • CrossFit Athletes
  • Runners
  • Individuals interested in “living a more active lifestyle”
  • Individuals with nagging injuries
  • Individual that feel they have “hit a ceiling” with their training


We have failed as rehab specialists and strength & conditioning coaches in this country at preventing ACL injuries. Despite extensive research and millions of ACL injuries every year, the amount of ACL ruptures continues to grow. I have seen countless athletes’ careers end or be significantly affected by this destabilizing monster of an injury. Especially in women, where ACL tears are still shown to be approximately 5x more common than they are in men. As a sports medicine community, we have basically identified what causes an ACL tear, but are doing a very poor job of training athletes to build up immunity against these movement deficiencies resulting in eventual ACL injury. The key starts with an individualized movement assessment highlighting the athletes’ limitations in strength and mobility within a functional manner. It is then crucial to train the athlete within the “pattern of movement” that they cannot perform effectively, rather than isolating single joints or muscles we know need to be strong.

The sad truth is that if you are a high school or college athlete and you cannot perform a perfect squat, dead lift, single leg dead lift, and demonstrate clean jumping mechanics…then you are probably going to tear your ACL, especially if you are a female. The statistics do not lie, and we know the best methods to improve these movement deficiencies. We work with individual athletes or teams to implement a program that has shown tremendous results. Non-traumatic ACL tears (WHICH ARE AVOIDABLE) happen from non-contact mechanisms and account for 70% of ACL injuries. Most studies estimate that nearly 12-13% of athletes will have some type of ACL related injury within their career. Athletes that have completed our program show less than a 3% chance of suffering an ACL tear, and that includes traumatic tears which are basically unavoidable. This gives athletes a 4x better chance of avoiding injury when compared to traditional training and exercise. Aside from this, the cost for recovery of an ACL injury considering surgery, hospital bills, extensive outpatient therapy, and equipment is over $50,000. Aside from tailoring the program to decrease ACL injury, improvements in movement quality with our program will also result in increased athletic performance, strength, speed, and agility.


You have worked too hard and spent too many hours to risk an injury. By optimizing your movement patterns and “cleaning up” any movement dysfunctions that will inevitably lead to an overuse injury you can GREATLY REDUCE your chance of getting hurt at a crucial point in your season, or right before an important competition. Some injuries are impossible to prevent even with a perfect injury prevention program. Going through a program such as this will allow you to look yourself in the mirror and say with no regrets that you did everything you possibly could to optimize your athletic potential and decrease your injury risk. You only get one chance in life at having a memorable high school athletic career, being a college athlete, or maintaining a healthy, active life as you get older. Invest in yourself and your future with our Innovative Injury Prevention/Athletic Performance Program Today!