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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help people overcome injuries, decrease pain, or rehab from surgery in the quickest, easiest, and most effective way possible. We empower patients with education, training, and hands-on treatment to help keep their bodies healthy and functioning at the highest level for as long as possible.

Our Focus

  • By listening, engaging, and spending one-on-one time with the same Doctor at every visit we provide our patients a new and unique opportunity to achieve long term solutions, not short-term band aids.
  • We spend one hour with you completely focused, without any interruptions commonly seen in other medical/therapy settings. Our providers wont be busy documenting on a laptop, seeing other patients at the same time, or doing any other task other than help you move and feel better.
  • We give you unlimited 24-hour access to our doctors of PT (nights, weekends, holidays). We provide personalized programs to not only help you overcome your injury, but maximize your overall health and fitness.
  • When's the last time a Doctor LISTENED to your whole story?
  • You're not just another number or diagnosis in the hamster wheel of the healthcare system. You have so much potential - let us help you achieve a healthy, functional, high-performing life today and for years to come.
  • No Referral from a Physician is Needed - you can see our Doctors of Physical Therapy immediately and start making true changes to decrease pain and improve movement without unnecessary imaging or addictive pain medications.

Go to our Human Movement Lab Blog under patient center to access articles on tips for navigating the healthcare system to SAVE MONEY, self treatment for various injuries, and other topics relevant to fitness, injury prevention, and athletic performance

Success Stories

"...James performed two dry needling sessions on my low back and showed me some simple corrective exercises. I was totally PAIN FREE in two weeks and am back doing even more than I was before I initially began having pain!"

Susan M.

"I had chronic pain for 7 years in my right shoulder that shot pain up the side of my neck! Fortunately, I heard of Dr. James and his Dry Needling Techniques! And after one session I am ecstatic to say it's been 3 weeks and I'M PAIN FREE!..."

Renea B.

"...It wasn’t always easy but with the help of OnSite-PT I have my life back. I can help coach my kids little league team, I am back exercising regularly, and I now know how to manage my back pain without relying on pain meds"

David W.

"After months of receiving no relief from multiple chiropractors, I was referred to Dr. Yoder for PT. He helped find the source of my pain, alleviated it quickly and taught me techniques to prevent injury in the future..."

Elizabeth E.

"After my accident, I couldn't get out of bed without
help. OnSite came out to my house, for therapy, and
now I feel great. I wouldn't have been able to walk
the same without them."

"With school and work, it was hard to find a physical
therapy clinic in my area that I could fit within
my available hours. Onsite PT made it possible."

"I own my own business and finding time outside
of my office is virtually impossible. Onsite allowed
me to have my appointments in my office and
I am eternally grateful! Thanks Onsite PT!"

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Current Business Partners & Locations

Simply the most effective, fastest way to change your body and your lifestyle permanently. Through resistance based training we've created a results based, cardio/metabolic workout system that will empower your total body strength, increase your cardio output and core strength and burn more calories far beyond your workout session.... guaranteed! You'll have lots of fun with other supportive, like-minded Living Lean family members while also learning that yes, you actually can have the body you've been dreaming of. So now it's your decision. Make your time spent on fitness more effective and start your 21-day trial today!

We are proud to partner with Kings Gym a personal training and fitness studio that has been a staple of health, fitness, and strength training in the Cleveland area for nearly 30 years. Kings Gym offers an extensive mix of programs and equipment to meet any individuals fitness goals. The personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable and specialized, and they provide an inclusive family environment which is rare in our current environment of corporate fitness owned gyms and facilities.

Dustin provides much more value than traditional personal training with his approach at KPT. His extensive educational background and experience in various fields help provide a very unique combination of benefits to his clients. Having a degree in athletic training and various specialist training in the strength & conditioning field allows him to provide exercise programs that are not only effective but therapeutic. Many personal trainers I've worked with know general weight lifting and conditioning principles, but Dustin has a robust knowledge base in movement science, injury prevention, and provides many cutting edge techniques. He is an authority throughout the state of Ohio in the strength and conditioning community as he leads the Ohio Chapter of the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I have never worked with a personal trainer with the skill set and knowledge base that Dustin Kaplan possesses.

Chagrin Falls CrossFit provides a contemporary and all inclusive fitness program for people with a variety of fitness goals. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and demonstrate a perfect balance between motivating members to push beyond their comfort zone, while placing a high priority on safety and proper technique. The facility and equipment are tremendous and it truly is a fun and exciting place to train. Investing in your health, fitness, and active lifestyle with Chagrin Falls CrossFit will undoubtedly change your life!

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